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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation In Dallas

When you are going through a divorce, disputes are abound to arise. These disputes can cause emotional tension between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse and even lead to stress and depression. Mediation provides an alternative way of solving any disputes you might have. Here are some of the benefits of divorce mediation.

You Get to Preserve Your Relationship

A mediator works to help you preserve a good relationship with your spouse. The mediator gives both of you an equal chance to present your arguments and arrive at your own solutions as opposed to letting a judge make all the decisions. Your children will also benefit from the mediation process because they will be able to relate with both parents without any restrictions.

It Is More Efficient and Takes Less Time

The American courts are overwhelmed due to budget cuts, hiring freezes, and an increasing number of cases being filed every day. As a result, it has become very difficult to get a court appointment nowadays. In a state like Texas, it can take up to one year to get a court date. Not to mention, getting your lawyers to meet on the court date can take a lot of time and effort. Before you even know it, three years have elapsed, and you are yet to finalize your divorce. Mediation is very efficient and takes less time. All you need is to get a mediator to help you solve the issues you might have. You can choose to move through the process quickly or slowly, depending on your preference and the urgency of the case.

It Is Cost-Effective

Hiring a mediator is more cost-effective than hiring divorce lawyers. The average cost of hiring an attorney for a divorce can reach 10s of thousands of dollars. If things do not go well, the cost might rise. And since both parties will have to hire an attorney, the total cost increases. With mediation, both of you will only need one person to guide you through the divorce process.

It Is Fair

A divorce case closed through court proceedings can be unfair to both partners. The judges are the ones who make the final decision. Sometimes they might overlook certain things or fail to listen to the other person’s side of the story, making them resentful about the judgement. In divorce mediation, fairness and understanding is much more common. The mediator allows both of you to share your stories and suggest solutions. In fact, the mediator only guides you through the negotiation process. All the solutions come from both of you through mutual agreement.

Higher Rate of Compliance

There is no one who prefers to be told what to do. Everybody wants to have a say in what happens, especially during a divorce. In mediation, both of you have a say in what should happen and what is going to be discussed. This way, it becomes easier for you to come into an agreement that takes care of your individual needs.

At Harber Law Firm, we understand the importance of mediation and how it can help couples looking for a peaceful separation. Our Dallas mediation lawyers are ready to help both parties reach the outcome both parties desire.

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