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5 Reasons to Choose Mediation Over Trial Divorce

A divorce is always a stressful process for everyone. You are dissolving your marriage and officially ending your relationship. If there were children involved during the course of the marriage, a divorce is highly emotional for them as well. There’s a lot to think about and the process could easily grow ugly. However, there is a process known as mediation that can make your divorce go through more smoothly.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a common method used for negotiating a divorce settlement. The two former spouses and their attorneys appear before a mediator, a neutral third-party. During the mediation process, both parties address any and all issues in the divorce. While the mediator doesn’t make decisions for either spouse, they serve to assist both parties to determine what would be best for each of them.

In general, anyone who is getting a divorce should seriously consider mediation as the route they take. It can work for nearly all couples and can benefit both parties in a number of ways.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

There are five main benefits of relying on mediation instead of a trial when you are going through a divorce. They include the following:

  • Less Stressful: Naturally, a divorce is a stressful situation that can be extremely emotional for both former spouses. During the proceedings, things can easily get heated, especially if the split was less than amicable. With mediation for your divorce, it eliminates all the ugly things that can be said during a trial and allows both parties to be respectful so that you can find positive solutions to your issues.
  • Takes Less Time: A trial divorce can take well over a year due to the courts being overloaded with cases, but mediation takes far less time. The process can take as little as two to three months and allows you to end your marriage faster because you and your ex are the ones who are in control during mediation.
  • Cheaper: On average, mediation costs much less due to the speed and ability to avoid contested matters. A trial divorce, on the other hand, may include court fees, attorney fees, extended discovery, and much more increasing the cost of the trial.
  • Empowering and Fair: One of the biggest advantages of mediation in divorce is that it makes things fairer and feels empowering to each former spouse. You are both in complete control of your futures and don’t necessarily have to involve lawyers in the proceedings if you wish not to. It makes for a better process of agreeing on a number of issues.
  • Better for Children: Mediation in divorce is far better for children than a long, drawn out and emotionally draining trial divorce. It also puts the children first because all decisions made during mediation ask the question: How will this affect the children? You can focus more on the issues at hand and make things better for your kids with mediation, instead of having heated arguments with lawyers involved in the mix.

These are the top five reasons why you should consider mediation over a trial divorce. It’s overall the better option for all parties. Our team understands the importance of keeping children clear of the courts. Let Harber Law Firm help!

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