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Have you decided to take early measures to protect your family's legacy? Are you going through a divorce battle in need of mediation? Do you have business law troubles on your hands? Skilled and seasoned Southlake Attorney Frank Harber, serving the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area, can help.

While some mediators may have an unfavorable reputation, Dr. Frank Harber is truly one of the good ones. Rather than unintentionally cause more conflict, his top focus becomes diffusing a legal battle as promptly as possible. The last thing our founding attorney wants is for Texas families to be left with a bad will when the time to implement it comes. Dr. Harber ensures that clients who turn to him make informed decisions through their estate planning matters.

Why Hire Harber Law Group?

  • Trained & Certified

    Attorney Frank Harber is trained and certified in mediation.

  • Published Author

    He wrote “The Complete Will” to help people plan for the future.

  • Honest Legal Advice

    When you meet with us, you will know all of your options.

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    We are ready to listen and help guide you through this process.

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Experienced to Handle Your Estate Planning & Mediation Needs

Build a Complete Will

Dr. Harber explains everything you need to know about securing a comprehensive will in his upcoming e-book, The Complete Will. As convenient as an internet will might seem, it sets many families up for failure in the end. In addition to its impersonal nature, the best interests of your loved ones are scarcely accounted for. That's why it is important to leave your family off with a will giving clear instructions on how to implement. It will provide much-needed peace of mind to you now, and them later. Free copies of his book will soon be available for download.

Don't leave your family with a bad will. Let Harber Law Group assist you. Call (817) 203-2815 to get started.

Build Your LLC

There are many potential pitfalls when it comes to the formation of a limited liability company, or LLC. From the initial filings to drafting an operating agreement and protecting your assets, it is vital that all documents be accurate, honest, thorough, and complete. Dr. Harber can stand with you throughout the formation process, helping you minimize your personal exposure while maximizing your asset protection. Discover the benefits of LLC formation and how owners can take advantage of this organizational structure. Schedule a consultation with Harber Law Group.

Protect Your Future & Family From Needless Chaos.

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